MyoPS 2020: Myocardial pathology segmentation combining multi-sequence CMR
in conjunction with STACOM and MICCAI 2020 (Oct 4 or 8th, 2020, Lima, Peru)


Submission guidance for results and papers (updated!!!)

-- Submission of test results:
Please email the segmentation results of the test datasets, in nifty format in a zip file, with title MyoPS Test Result + Fully Name of the corresponding author, to the organizers ( for evaluation. Note that test result evaluation will be allowed up to 2 times per team.

-- Registration of abstract:
Please submit the abstract for registration via our paper submission system CMT-MyoPS. You can click the "+Create new submission" icon to submit your abstract and fill in your information.

-- Submission of paper:
Please visit our paper submission system CMT-MyoPS and upload the full text of your manuscript. Note that the author's names and institute should be anonymous, otherwise you will be disqualified for the final rank.

Publish papers using the data or evaluation results

Please cite the following papers when you use the data for publications:
[1] Xiahai Zhuang: Multivariate mixture model for myocardial segmentation combining multi-source images. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (T PAMI), vol. 41, no. 12, 2933-2946, Dec 2019.
[2] Xiahai Zhuang: Multivariate mixture model for cardiac segmentation from multi-sequence MRI. International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention, pp.581-588, 2016.

How to participate

Please refer to page of Data. Read carefully the Terms and Conditions and return the signed Data Use agreement document to the organizers. We’ll then get in touch and send you the data link.

For the evaluation, all submitted segmentation results should have exactly the same image information as the original images (including spacing, size, orientation info and short int data type etc), and the file names should be myops_test_???_seg.nii.gz (??? is the three-digital index)

This year, we solely evaluate myocardial pathology segmentation, i.e., scars (labelled 2221) and edema (labelled 1220) of left ventricle myocardium , though the participants can submit their results with ventricular blood pools, and their papers can be on other CMR image computing tasks/ topics.

Review process

For the submitted manuscripts, they will be firstly reviewed by the organizers who will ensure the quality of the paper reached the publication standard. Then, each paper will be reviewed by our reviewers. The review procedure will be double-blinded, similar to the MICCAI submissions. Review comments will be sent to the authors for their further consideration of modifications and preparation for the final camera ready copy that will be included in the workshop proceedings.

Paper Format

The format should follow the LNCS style according to the main MICCAI conference guidelines, anonymous and no more than 8(mainbody)+2(reference) pages.

Supplementary materials are acceptable and encouraged. If the paper had been submitted to the main MICCAI conference, authors may optionally include the reviews and rebuttal in the supplementary materials.