MM-WHS 2017: Multi-Modality Whole Heart Segmentation
in conjunction with STACOM and MICCAI 2017 (Sep 10 or 14th, 2017, Quebec City, Canada)


Dice scores: MR ranked by generalized Dice scores of WHS

Dice scores: CT ranked by generalized Dice score of WHS

(1) LV: left ventricle blood cavity;
(2) Myo: myocardium of the left ventricle;
(3) RV: right ventricle blood cavity;
(4) LA: left atrium blood cavity;
(5) RA: right atrium blood cavity;
(6) aorta: ascending aorta;
(7) PA: pulmonary artery;
(8) WHS: whole heart segmentation.
(Note: temporary results for the papers accepted to MM-WHS 2017, 2017-July-24.)